Weed Delivery Richmond, CA

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in Richmond, Berkeley and Oakland, CA

Marijuana Delivery Richmond

Top shelf weed delivery in Richmond is the perfect way to quickly receive premium cannabis products. For those looking to maximize their downtime and skip the hassle of traffic and long lines, weed delivery is the obvious go-to. From high-end edibles to premium indoor flower, to tightly packed pre-rolls, Wonder Weed offers the best top-shelf cannabis products on the market – and they’re only a tap away. If you would like to get started on a delivery order, check out our up-to-date menu to see what’s in stock. We’re here for our neighbors in Richmond, but also serve Berkeley, and Oakland, because we’re committed to giving the East Bay the highest quality cannabis when and where they need it. If you would like to speak with us directly, you can call (510) 900-9420. One of our Cannabis Connoisseurs will be happy to help you.

Delivery Hours

Wonder Weed is dedicated to convenient cannabis delivery:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Why wait? Wonder Weed can deliver most orders within an hour. However, during peak delivery or traffic times or, it may take a little longer. Your driver will keep you updated. Also, orders placed after 12:45 AM Monday through Saturday or after 5:45 PM on Sunday will be delivered the following day. 

For payment, we accept cash, Cash App, Apple Cash, Google Pay, and all major credit and debit cards. 

Wonder Weed has a fleet of respectful and discreet drivers, and we appreciate everything they do. In consideration for their safety, our drivers only carry a minimum amount of cash. So, if you decide to pay with cash, we ask that your cash payment be exact or close to the total due. 

Wonder Weed does require a minimum of $50 when ordering. 

Premium Product, Dank Delivery

Cannabis Delivery Richmond

Our Richmond clientele leads lives crammed with demanding careers, intensive class schedules, families, workouts, hobbies, and side hustles. Their relaxation time is priceless. That’s why our cannabis catering is simple and reliable. It’s also why we make it a point to offer only the finest. We love impressing new customers with our wonderful products and service while maintaining the high standards our regulars have come to expect.

Also, unlike some other cannabis delivery companies in Richmond, Wonder Weed offers same-day delivery

Cannabis products help ease many ailments like anxiety, social and psychological stress, and physical pain or discomfort.[1] It’s a fact. So there’s absolutely no reason to navigate clogged highways or bottle-necked streets or crowded public transit. Skip the line (and the scene) at the dispensary, and let the soothing sinsemilla come to you.

While other companies make you sit around waiting and wondering, our drivers keep you informed of their location and estimated time of arrival in real time. 

Delivery Area

Wonder Weed has hash hubs strategically located to serve Richmond, Berkeley, and select areas of Oakland, CA. That’s a sizable portion of the East Bay. If you live in or around one of these three areas, then you are likely within reach of our cannabis drivers. Our intuitive and easy to use delivery menu will confirm that our delivery service is available in your neighborhood as soon as you start shopping.

An Extensive Cannabis Delivery Menu

The only difficulty with delivery is deciding! Our inventory is impressive, and since we only carry the very best in bud, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Our wide array of top-shelf cannabis products is inclusive. There’s something for all tolerance levels and all tastes. Wonder Weed’s resident Cannabis Connoisseurs are fountains of weed wisdom, and standing by to help you select your sensemilla. Just call (510) 900-9420

Highlights from our Richmond weed delivery menu include:


Premium flower is a staple in any consumers’ cannabis cabinet. One flower mainstay on our top shelf is:

  • Legion of Bloom: this premium indoor cannabis company is committed to supplying the West Coast with high-caliber flower that is produced with sustainability in mind. While utilizing renewable energy and efficient water usage in their indoor cultivation facility, Legion of Bloom even packages their one-of-a-kind product in plant-based packaging, so consumers can rest easy knowing their cannabis is eco-conscious. They can also rest easy knowing they picked one of the best cannabis companies on the market. With over ten Emerald Cup awards and THC levels nearly reaching 40%, Legion of Bloom’s products have quickly become some of the most sought-after cannabis in California. 


Vaporizers are as sleek as they are discreet. When used, vaporizers give the user an inconspicuous experience that leaves little odor or plume of smoke. Those who use vaporizers are free to enjoy their cartridge without disturbing the people around them. Some of our most popular vaporizers are:

  • STIIIZY: founded in 2017, STIIIZY has quickly become one of the leaders of the cannabis market. Their pods and vaporizers make enjoying your favorite strain simple and carefree. Just slip one pod out for another and take your cannabis experience on the go! 
  • Heavy Hitters: this Los Angeles-based company is known for its reliably potent cartridges. From Zkittles to Blue Dream, Heavy Hitters provides their customers with an experience like no other. Their cartridges pull easily and smoothly and are designed to burn evenly from within. Because these cartridges are so high in potency, we do recommend novice cannabis consumers proceed with caution. Heavy Hitters is best for those with moderate to expert tolerance levels. 


As opposed to flower, edibles are the next most popular way to consume cannabis. When consuming cannabis through edibles, the cannabinoids are processed through the liver which can delay the onset of effects.[2] So, for those who have not experienced cannabis edibles, it’s important to try a small piece – around 5mg– and wait for one to two hours to see the effects. If after two hours you wish to enhance your experience, by all means, have some more! One edible company we love to recommend is: 

  • Glowing Buddha: cultivated and crafted in Sonoma County, Glowing Buddha uses lab-tested, premium ingredients in their handmade gummies. With only 2.2 grams of sugar per gummy, these tasty treats are perfect to pop in and unwind after a long day. From Chili Mango to Sour Watermelon, Glowing Buddha has a flavor for any safe and responsible customer!


Cannabis concentrates are highly condensed wax or oil that is created after extracting away all of the excess plant matter. It comes in a gooey, viscous substance that is easily smoked. Since THC levels are much higher than the average levels found in normal flower, concentrates are ideal for the seasoned consumer looking for a memorable experience. Like their vaporizers, STIIIZY’s concentrates are reliable and potent. From Purple Runtz to Pink Champagne, STIIIZY’s line of concentrates have a strain for just about any desired effect. 


For those looking for a ready-to-go joint for any occasion or those who have yet to master the art of rolling, we recommend pre-rolls. These convenient products provide premium cannabis in one simple joint. For those looking to expand their palate, we recommend:

  • Pacific Stone: Found in 2015, Pacific Stone was created by sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse growers who have a passion for growing clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis for Californians. Using a state-of-the-art indoor greenhouse, Pacific Stone supplies their customers with consistently high-quality cannabis that is rolled with no shake or trim – a sign of an expertly crafted joint. Their pre-rolls come in one gram size, which is a perfect size to share or to indulge alone. 

Wonder Weed News

For those interested in learning more about us, our story, and our mission, please check out our blog posts to stay up to speed on all things Wonder Weed. 

VIP Rewards Program

When you join our VIP Rewards Program, you get:

  • 20% off on your next order
  • Loyalty points
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How Much Does Weed Delivery Cost in Richmond?

With no delivery fees, the cost of your order will include the price of all your products and both state and local taxes. If you have any questions about pricing please contact us via our website or call us directly at (510) 900-9420.


Is cannabis delivery legal in Richmond, California?

Yes! Because of the 2016 Adult Use of Marijuana Act, cannabis can be legally delivered or bought at a dispensary. However, there are still laws cannabis consumers must follow. You cannot smoke in public spaces or parking lots. If you are driving, you cannot have cannabis, even sealed, in the front seat of the car. Be sure to store your flower, edible, concentrate, or vaporizer in the trunk of your car while driving. 

Does it come in discreet packaging?

Yes! Our drivers are discreet in their delivery and drive unbranded cars, so you can rest assured that your nosy neighbor will not be able to tell what was delivered. Your order comes concealed in an elegant shopping bag that could easily be mistaken for that of a gourmet restaurant or high-end boutique.

Do you only deliver to my house?

We can deliver to your workplace or anywhere else you might be, but please follow state and local rules for consumption. 

Can I have a friend receive my order?

No. You must have your valid ID. California law only allows the delivery driver to exchange the order with the name of the person on the order. 

Is there a limit to how much weed can I order?

Per California law, recreational clients can order a maximum of 28.5 grams or 1 ounce of flower at once. For concentrates, the limit is 8 grams


  1. Stoner, S. (2017). Effects of Marijuana on Mental Health: Anxiety Disorders Considering Locked vs. Unlocked Treatment Facilities. https://adai.uw.edu/pubs/pdf/2017mjanxiety.pdf
  2. Sharma, P., Murthy, P., & Bharath, M. M. (2012). Chemistry, metabolism, and toxicology of cannabis: clinical implications. Iranian journal of psychiatry, 7(4), 149–156. ​​https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3570572/