Holiday Gift Guide

With the stresses and joys of the holiday season in full swing, cannabis is the perfect gift to help everyone on your list stay merry this time of year.

Whether passed around at parties or snuck into a stocking, a gift from Wonder Weed will surely be the talk of the miniature ceramic Christmas town. From premium top-shelf flower to specialty vapes and edibles, Wonder Weed has all the essentials for last-minute shoppers in the East Bay looking to give the perfect gift. And with fast cannabis delivery to Richmond, Berkeley, and Oakland, you won’t have to brave the crowds.

Score Last Minute Gifts and Stock Up

Wonder Weed is all about keeping things stress-free, and we’ve got your back with delightful gifting ideas to make the season bright.

Take care of all your gifting and hosting needs from the comfort of home and let Wonder Weed’s fleet deliver the merry. If you’re on top of your game and have your gifts all wrapped up, good for you. Reward yourself with our limited-time offers for extra savings. You can stock up on premium Cannabis products that will keep you jingling all the way through the holidays.

Wonder Weed Holiday Specials

Every holiday season we offer perfectly-timed specials. 

SPEND $100 order, save 10% off

SPEND $250. get 20% off 

SPEND $500 get 30% off

Wonder Weed accepts a wide range of payment options for added convenience: cash, cash apps, Paypal, bitcoin, Apple Pay, credit card, debit card, and Google Pay.

And, be sure to also take advantage of our VIP program. You’ll earn loyalty points, and get early access to sales, new product launches, exclusive discounts, and much more. Not sure what cannabis product is right for the occasion? Let the budtenders at Wonder Weed help you make an informed choice when scrolling through our up-to-date online menu. To reach us directly, just call (510) 900-9420.

 Delivering The Yuletide Spirit

There’s a lot going on this time of the year. Holiday parties, visiting family, cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, houseguests…Wonder Weed to the rescue. After all of that, cannabis is the perfect way to enhance a holiday meal or wind down in front of the fire.

Gift buying is tough! Let’s face it: some people are just impossible to shop for. But chances are, there’s something on our menu that will fit the bill. Whether you are stumped on what to get that special someone or the holidays snuck up on you, we have just the cannabis product to finish off your shopping. 

Holiday Parties

It’s time to bust out ugly sweaters, Santa Claus hats, and crazy Christmas ties. From festivities with friends and family to obligatory company parties, figuring out what to bring can be overwhelming. We suggest top-shelf flower for Holiday parties. Whether you’re hosting or hopping, bringing pure, high-quality cannabis as nature intended is an easy-to-transport treat that opens the door to creativity. Just make sure to keep it sealed while in transit. 

Flower brings guests together with a multi-sensory experience that encourages sharing.

Guests can admire big dense buds laden with glimmering keif and enjoy the aroma of freshly unpackaged flower. And, because it’s in it’s a raw state, guests can partake as they please, whether they’re packing bowls or rolling to taste. 

 At Wonder Weed, our array of top-shelf cannabis will impress even the seasoned cannabis enthusiast. But if there are any Tiny Tims about, make sure cannabis products are only shared with those 21 and older. 

Legion of Bloom

Hosting out-of-state guests? Give them a proper California experience. You’ll be sure to impress them with a curated selection of cannabis fresh from the Golden State’s fields, and Wonder Weed offers a full range of premium brands and specialty strains.

Legion of Bloom is a titan in the California cannabis industry. Grown and harvested in Northern California, Legion of Bloom has won 10 industry awards for its high-quality product and commitment to sustainability. Their products reflect this mission as their buds are packed with THC and sprinkled with trichomes.

  • Wedding Cake: this indica dominant strain is high in THC and has a citrus and pine flavor profile to relax all those rockin’ around the Christmas tree. It is the perfect companion to a low key New Years Eve. 

Pacific Stone

Family-owned and operated in Santa Barbara, California, Pacific Stone has grown award-winning flower inside a coastal indoor greenhouse for generations. They are the definition of farm-to-table in the cannabis market. 

  • Blue Dream: this perfectly balanced hybrid is the perfect strain for casual smokers or those who have just started enjoying cannabis. Blue Dream offers a mild buzz and gentle  cerebral high with a calming body high to keep you grounded and grooving. Its festive blueberry aroma is proven a crowd-pleaser. 

Almora Farm

Almora Farms is committed to treating the cannabis plant with the utmost care to ensure customers receive the highest quality product. With hand-trimmed buds and long hours spent in the field nurturing the plants, Almora Farm gives customers reliable cannabis at an affordable price. 

  • Sweet Diesel: this sativa dominant strain will keep every Who in Whoville energized and ready for Christmas morning. With its rich earthy notes and frosty white trichomes, Sweet Diesel is the perfect way to get a party started or to keep it going.  

Party Favors

With all that has happened in the past year, hosting friends and family this year is truly a treat. Make the occasion extra special with crowd-pleasing party favors. A top-shelf preroll tucked into a tasteful little sachet or elegant envelope is an inspired way to thank your guests for attending, and will be a welcome surprise at the end of the night or as a morning-after cure-all. Wonder Weed has kief-coated pre-rolls for that extra holiday sparkle and pre-roll blunts to take the edge off holiday stress.

STIIIZY Pre-Rolls & Blunts

You can’t give out-of-towners a quintessential California experience without supplying STIIIZY. LIIIT prerolls from STIIIZY are packaged in glass for optimal freshness and a sleek modern look.Their pre-rolled joints and blunts are perfect for those who want cannabis and convenience. STIIIZY’s smokables are infused with live resin for enhanced euphoric effects and lighten the vibes of any holiday gathering.

Gifts for The “Canna-sseur”

We all know one. They know their way around a dispensary, the parent strains to your favorite flower, and the differences between each cannabinoid.(1) Wonder Weed has just the thing for these cannabis enthusiasts. And if they use vapes, there’s plenty to gift, from a handy backup battery to a cartridge with a new strain or old favorite. With our wide variety of different batteries and cartridges, we have just the product to meet their cannabis needs!

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters is a Los Angeles-based cannabis company that creates cartridges that are highly potent in THC. With their array of strains, Heavy Hitters has the perfect strain for an indica-loyalist or a sativa stalwart.

  • Durban Poison: this strong sativa is ideal for those who ceremoniously participate in “Wake ‘n Bake”. Its rushing cerebral effects will help keep you alert and energized during this holiday season. Durban Poison is just right for the seasoned Canna-sseur because of its high THC percentage and powerful psychoactive effects. 


With its exceptional flavors and smooth pull, STIIIZY’s vape is a classic holiday gift for all experienced cannabis consumers. From their starter packs to their disposable vapes, STIIIZY has the right product for just about any level of consumer. With their interchangeable pods, STIIIZY allows customers the freedom to switch strains when desired. They also carry vapes with live resin. Live resin is a purer, higher-quality oil that packs a larger punch of flavor and effect in just one puff. Because of its high quality, versatility, and array of strains, STIIIZY’s vapes are perfect for the Canna-sseur in your life

STIIIZY Live Resin Concentrate

If only dabs will do, STIIIZY is still the go-to. This California favorite makes dank, hard-hitting sauces laden with diamonds of crystallized THC. STIIIZY concentrates come in mouth-watering strains like Banana Sundae, Cake Frosting, or Dreamsicle.

Stocking Stuffers

For all those looking for smaller gifts to top off a Christmas sock, Wonder Weed has the perfect little something. Our collection of pre-rolls features a wide variety of brands, strains, and sizes. 

Don’t Forget About Edibles

Delicious, cannabis-infused treats are a tasty addition to any holiday offering. They’re also an efficient way to keep spirits bright. Research (and no doubt personal experience) has shown that THC’s duration of effects lasts much longer when it’s ingested than when it’s smoked.[2] From gummies to festive chocolates, our selection of edibles is ideal for those curling up next to the fireplace and enjoying a much-deserved silent night

Your Experience at Wonder Weed This Holiday Season

With our selection of cannabis products and our delivery services, we are proud to bring the yuletide spirit to you! Just scroll through our online menu, pick out your desired products, and save with our holiday specials! Unlike Santa, you will need to be awake when our driver stops by and have your ID and method of payment ready. Finally, sit back and relax – you’re almost there. Wait, are you forgetting something? You’ve checked your list twice. You got your edibles, your pre-rolls, your vapes, and your battery. Why does it feel like you’re forgetting something? KEVIN!


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