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Indica THC- 22.5%



Buena Vista offers strain-specific, whole flower premium rolls sourced directly from artisan cultivators in Northern California. Wrapped in unbleached Dutch cones, Buena Vista premium rolls are sealed with a Boveda™ two-way humidity control to retain exceptional potency, flavor, and aroma. Indica-dominant Do-Si-Do derives from GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and is prized for its beautiful purple leaves and sparkly trichomes. It is known to induce intense body relaxation and heavy drowsiness with a pleasing hint of cerebral euphoria, making it ideal for daydreaming and self-reflection. Each Buena Vista box contains five half-gram premium rolls, wrapped in non-bleached paper cones for a cleaner, more natural draw. Designed in partnership with Boveda we created the Resealable Humidor so our premium rolls maintain the highest levels of freshness and flavor.