Welcome to Wonder Weed Delivery

We’re excited that you’re here and look forward to serving you and the California East Bay Area communities that we love! 

With a strong appreciation for high quality cannabis and CBD and a commitment to providing the best cannabis delivery in the East Bay Area, we’re honored to pay homage to our California roots while creating jobs, supporting local growers and businesses and ensuring that our clients enjoy the best CBD and weed on the market. 

We love high quality marijuna and revel in its amazing ability to heal, heighten and enhance our human experience. As weed consumers and connoisseurs ourselves, we appreciate both high quality product and exceptional service, which is why providing the best weed and CBD on the market and fast and friendly cannabis delivery is our company guarantee.

Enjoy Your Wonder Weed Delivered Directly From Dispensary To Doorstep

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If delivery wasn’t all the rage pre-pandemic, it certainly is now. We get take-out delivered, order groceries for delivery and shop online for anything and everything under the sun. With more growth and versatility and less restriction, cannabis delivery is now gaining traction becoming the latest and greatest delivery service around. 

We created Wonder Weed to bring sophistication to the California cannabis world and to improve the overall customer experience. If you’re looking for a wide range and assortment of the best weed, edibles, CBD, tinctures, topical, concentrates, beverages and other fabulously unique cannabis products delivered directly to you wherever you are in East Bay, you’ve come to the right place!

Enjoy The Best Weed California Has To Offer 

We love hearing from clients about how much they’re enjoying Wonder Weed’s exceptional products, prices, packaging and fast and friendly cannabis delivery service. If you, too, are looking to enhance and elevate your experience with high quality cannabis delivered directly to you, we’re happy to help!  

Here are some great ways to weave Wonder Weed into your lifestyle and enjoy all the best that California weed has to offer. 

Hosting an intimate dinner party?

east bay cannabis delivery

Add to or replace wine tasting with weed tasting and impress your friends with a great selection of pre-rolls to share, along with THC and CBD beverages in the fridge and edibles on the buffet table. 

Enhance your dinner party and shop our extensive Full Menu for an assortment of CBD and cannabis flower, beverages, tinctures, edibles of all types and Wonder Weed’s other unique weed products. 

Over alcohol?

But still want a relaxing beverage? We’ve noticed a growing trend in people replacing boozy drinks that lead to feeling foggy the next day with refreshing THC beverages and relaxing CBD drinks. Add beverages to your shopping list. While you’re at it, add an array of edibles to help promote sleep, increase energy and focus or alleviate stress after a taxing day. 

Planning a road trip, concert, performance or another adventure with friends? 

If you’re heading out last minute, shop our Express Menu and have your weed delivered within hours. Have more time to plan? Shop our extensive Full Menu with friends and buy in bulk and save. Our wide range of selection ensures that there is something to enhance everyone’s experience. First time buyer? Sign up for our newsletter or call (510) 900-9420 to receive text alerts and receive 30% off of your first order of $50 or more!

New to the Bay Area or visiting our great state?

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We highly suggest spending your time enjoying great weed and all that California has to offer rather than navigating traffic and standing in dispensary lines. We understand that those of you travelling from out-of-state might have questions, which is why we have Cannabis Connoisseurs available to help you figure out the best California cannabis for you. Contact our team of experts to assure that you get exactly what you need and enjoy the dispensary experience from the convenience of your phone. Also, check out answers to commonly answered questions here. 

Is privacy a priority? 

Like many of our clients, maintaining a discreet profile might be important or even imperative for you, which is why fast and friendly cannabis delivery service that keeps your privacy protected is our company guarantee. Order online or by phone and receive discreetly packaged, high-quality cannabis delivered curbside by one of our reliable and respectful drivers. 

In need of self-care and a relaxing evening?

You deserve it. Whether you’re looking for THC, CBD or both, we have what you need to calm your mind, settle your system and soothe your soul. Gift yourself some well deserved downtime, order easily online and let our drivers come to you. Don’t forget to check out our wonderfully relaxing CBD bath bombs, edibles of all types and relaxing, refreshing beverages. 

Busy, on a deadline, recovering from illness or injury or otherwise stuck at home? 

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No stress. No traffic. No added juggling of kids, clients and other responsibilities to make yet another stop. With Wonder Weed’s cannabis delivery service, there is no need to leave the house. Let our fast and friendly cannabis delivery drivers come to you! It’s as simple as that. Order online or call  (510) 900-9420 to order now. 

Regular consumer? 

Love your weed? Us, too. Know what you want week-to-week? Save yourself some precious time and place and a reoccurring order. 

Love a great deal?

Who doesn’t? Here at Wonder Weed, we’re not only committed to curating a wide variety of the best weed on the market and providing exceptional cannabis delivery, we’re also all about taking care of our clients and offering high quality weed at great prices. Sign up for our newsletter or call (510) 900-9420 to receive 30% off of your first order of $50 or more. 

Obsessed with variety and trying new product? 

We have one of the largest weed menus in the East Bay Area, which we’re continually updating to ensure that we’re offering the best cannabis and CBD on the market. Sign up for our newsletter. You’ll not only receive 30% off your first order of $50 or more, but receive info on premium products and showcased deals. 

Enjoy Your Wonder Weed Experience!  

We’re constantly looking for ways to continue upleveling the cannabis industry and want to ensure that you’re having a great time! We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on how we can continue to pay homage to California cannabis and best serve the communities that we love. Contact us!

Follow us on social and see firsthand the latest trends, premium products, freebies and daily deals that Wonder Weed Delivery East Bay Area has to offer! 

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