The social equity program in the city of Oakland is a initiative aimed at addressing systemic inequalities and promoting justice and fairness in the distribution of resources and opportunities. It aims to provide support and resources to marginalized and disadvantaged communities, including those disproportionately affected by the war on drugs and criminal justice system, as well as those impacted by gentrification and displacement.

The program provides financial assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs from these communities through grants, loans, and technical assistance. It also includes initiatives such as job training and career development programs, as well as community development and neighborhood revitalization projects.

As of 2021, the city of Oakland has awarded over $10 million in funding through the social equity program. This funding has been used to support over 200 small businesses and organizations, create hundreds of jobs, and stimulate economic growth in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The program has also helped to build capacity and resilience within these communities, by providing access to resources and opportunities that may not have otherwise been available.

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